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Into The Portal: Monster Invasion
Into The Portal: Monster Invasion

Into The Portal: Monster Invasion

419 Chapters 9.5K Views 41 Bookmarked Completed Status


Despair loomed over the globe. All resources were exhausted, and hope was all lost.

When three-player chess that will decide the lives ofbillions ofpeople was atits zenith, aportal appeared inthesky. Monsters, bigger than the biggest animal, harder than the hardest metal poured out ofthe abyss…

Putting aside their differences, humanity united tofight against their common enemy. But the weapons were ineffective. The most powerful weapons ofscience could not doeven the slightest bit ofdamage tomonsters. While desperation reigned, science prevailed, and laser weapons were born. The first blood was spilled… The first monster was killed!

However, itwasn’t laser weapons that allowed humanity towin the war, but apiece oforb found inthe monster’s brain. When supplied with electricity, the orbs would turn into pre-determined objects. These orbs turned into weapons that could damage monsters, and the more monsters were killed, the more weapons were found.

With the newly looted weapons and the determination ofhumanity toget rid ofthis disease, the monsters were pushed back. Atthat moment, amessenger flew from the portal inhis radiant form. AnArtificial Intelligence produced bythe native race living inthe Portal World…

Called Mother AIbyhumans, this object used the miracles ofthe alien world tohelp humanity close the portal. With these miracles, humans awakened superpowers tofight against monsters.

Anunfortunate teenager, Miles Cross, was born with dormant Ancient Genes and failed toawaken his superpower. Instead, heused every means toget stronger…

Disclaimer: This isawork offiction. Names, characters, business, events and incidents are the products ofthe author’s imagination. Any resemblance toactual persons, living ordead, oractual events ispurely coincidental.

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