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I have Nine Lives
I have Nine Lives

I have Nine Lives

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Life onearth was nice, everything settled down inthe year 2021, and people learned how tolive with the pandemic.

However, the things that happened in2020 showed that the Earth didn’t have much time left, scientists already knew that ameteorite was onits way toEarth but didn’t tell anybody tonot create mass panic.

The meteorite hit earth creating anexplosion that destroyed itthoroughly leaving nothing behind! Humanity only panicked inthe last seconds before ithit the surface, the explosion engulfed everyone leaving them ashort delay tosay their prayers and have apeaceful passing.

But, one orange tabby cat could becalled lucky orunlucky atthe same time, the friction ofthe meteorite colliding with the earth created avery small portal between dimensions, the delay ofthe explosion gave the owner ofthe cat enough time for her tothrow the cat into the portal!

Itwas unknown ifitwas the right thing todo.

The explanation for the «chaotic neutral» Tag, bythat Imean that the MCwon’t get out ofhis way tosave others and might even abandon those close tohim incertain situations, heisboth selfish and very emotional due tothe things hewent through and healso fears death quite abit, but hewould also act kind onsituations and seem like agood guy which heisn’t. The truth isthat hedoes what hewants and what hefeels, for short.

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