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Hungry Necromancer
Hungry Necromancer

Hungry Necromancer

272 Chapters 2.9K Views 25 Bookmarked Completed Status


Quite literally thrown into anew world, Asher finds himself becoming awanted yet hungry and unwittingly evil Necromancer.

Abit you might want toknow about the pace;

Asher isavery unlucky protagonist. Soeven ten chapters inhewill still struggle greatly tosurvive. The tag says overpowered protagonist and that istrue, itwon’t happen for abit though, hestill has tosuffer abit while getting stronger, afantasy world isn’t all it’s cracked uptobeafter all.

Abit you might want toknow about what you’ll bereading.

The type ofNecromancy practiced inHungry Necromancer isarather stable and balanced type ofNecromancy, you’ll eventually read uptoparts where things are not soeasily fixed with ahorde ofzombies and avery creepy ritual needs tobeemployed.

Asofchapter 80 things truly begin toget dire and desperate asAsher isfaced with the consequences ofhis actions, bad deal making and even close approaching death and madness.

And itought tobesofor afiendish Warlock practicing such adark magical art asNecromancy.

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