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Humanity Online: World Sanctuary
Humanity Online: World Sanctuary

Humanity Online: World Sanctuary

108 Chapters 870 Views 14 Bookmarked Completed Status


After anaccident leaves pro-gamer Eric Lieu both mentally and physically scarred, he’s forced toleave the pro circuit and any chance he’d ever have atbeing the «best.» Inreal life, socially-awkward loners whose facial muscles only seem torecognize «surly frown» and «smug-ass smirk» asexpressions don’t get torule the world.

But then eccentric genius Zhao Jianyu launches Viren’s Refuge, the first full-immersion VRMMORPG, and Eric decides tojoin this game ofGods and monsters torise from the ashes even stronger than before.

Citing his belief that «Games belong tothe Gamers,» Zhao Jianyu refuses corporate investments and offers anunbelievable deal tohardcore gamers: Play for Shares! The first 10,000 players tobuy the insanely expensive VRgear and game subscription will receive stock inZhao Jianyu’s private company. Furthermore, once the initial 9 Mythic Realms ofthe game are defeated, the Final Player Rankings will determine who inherits the company. Zhao Jianyu does all hecan tomake the playing field equal against the corporations determined toexploit his game, but itwill beuptothe gamers themselves toprove that those who enjoy the game the most will always bethe ultimate winners.

With the help from aquirky cast offriends Eric definitely didn’t ask for (and can’t understand why they keep sticking around), Eric isdetermined towin the game for the gamers and help Zhao Jianyu realize his dream ofaworld safe for all types ofpeople—even the loser loners. But with somany real-world stakes, will Eric beable tosurvive long enough toprove the true worth ofagamer?

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