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Hitman x Wives
Hitman x Wives

Hitman x Wives

266 Chapters 62K Views 228 Bookmarked Ongoing Status


The 'Black Phantom'. A name when uttered would send chills down the spines of anyone who worked in the underground world. That name was akin to a boogeyman to every rich and powerful individual. No one knew his face or his identity as everyone who met him never lived to tell the tale.

It was said that if the Black Phantom was to target you, you have two choices. Either commit suicide or pray that you get a quick, painless death.

However, in unknown circumstances, that legendary hitman suddenly vanished from the underworld, never to be seen again. The reasons were a mystery and the uproar it created was nothing short of historical.


Kai Miller, a normal high school boy, lived his life in obscurity. He didn't have any particular hobbies, friends, or a girlfriend. Even in school, no one gave him a glance as he was the 'quiet kid' of the class. However, when a mysterious person appears in his class, a secret that the boy had tried to hide for years was going to be revealed and along with it, his past comes back to try and pull him back into the darkness.

However, Kai had one simple goal, to protect his peaceful daily life... Even if it means he will have to eliminate every enemy he had and will have.


If you like a badass MC and likable female leads each with her unique character, goals, and actions, set in a mysterious and intriguing world that keeps getting more and more interesting as the story develops then this book is for you.


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