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Her Tempestuous Villain
Her Tempestuous Villain

Her Tempestuous Villain

171 Chapters 8.7K Views 18 Bookmarked Ongoing Status



“I thought you forgot about me.” SD’s sly voice came from behind the door making Sunye groan. Behind the door was a chimney through which he had climbed down and waited in the unlit furnace until Sunye arrived. His eyes widened seeing her in the black gown and he let out a low whistle. “Ms. Lawyer looking sexy,” he teased. Sunye glared at him. “If you’re done harassing me, then I believe you have a job to finish,” she said coolly. “Relax, sweetheart,” he snickered. “It was just a compliment.” “You don’t give compliments, SD,” she retorted. “People have to buy them from you. I know very well that even a small compliment from you can be costly and deadly.” ….. “Han Sunye,” he called her name as if caressing her gently with his words. “If there is one person I would never take money from, it’s you.” “Why?” Sunye frowned. “Let’s just say that you intrigue me,” he remarked. “It’s fascinating to uncover your secrets. It…livens me up.” …. Han Sunye is the top prosecutor of the country. Beautiful, wily and intelligent, she has never lost a case in her life. Her peers revered her skills and she masterfully hides the pain in her heart while the past is beginning to catch up with her. Twenty four years ago, the country was shaken by a coup on the modern monarchy, causing Sunye and her adoptive family to escape. The memories of that night haunted her ever since and hiding the scars of her past, she drowns herself in work while searching for her lost love, the former Crown Prince of the country, Kim San. But all that changes when she receives an envelope from an old acquaintance which leads her to take up the job offer from Lee Jonghyun, the owner of LN Partners, one of the top law firms of the country Scheming his own ambitions, Jonghyun is intrigued by Sunye and finds himself drawn to the lonely lawyer. Unbeknownst to him, both of them are the pawns of a mysterious information broker, SD aka the Sadistic Doctor who only wants to watch the country fall into anarchy. Devilish and charming, he masks his sinister plans with an ominous smile. Abandoning his morals and sanity, he puts the woman he loves on stake and seeks vengeance against the world which had deceived him. Trapped between the two men, Sunye unwittingly becomes the pawn in a dangerous chess game while her heart yearns to reunite with her lost love. But what will happen when she finds out the boy she is in love with, has returned as the ultimate villain in her life? Will she choose love or revenge? Or both?

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