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Heaven Destroyer
Heaven Destroyer

Heaven Destroyer

220 Chapters 3.1K Views 33 Bookmarked Completed Status


Ayaan entered aportal that lead him tothe world ofmagic. There, hereceived the legacy ofthe greatest demon tohave lived under heaven, amagic library system hecan use tolevel-up his magic powers.

But great power requires one topay agreat price, too. Resulting inhim losing his humanity!

«Wh-what did Ibecome?! A-A do…

This isthe story ofthe ordinary boy who will walk anextraordinary path. This isthe story oflove, betrayal, revenge, and tragedy.

Follow Ayaan onhis journey and find out dark-secrets ofthis unknown world.

Warning: Novel is a harem, contains R-18 scenes, gore, and violence; no rape or NTR

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