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Inthe gutters ofNew Vultun, the greatest megacity inthe world, Avo finds himself resurrected from the clutches ofdeath and tasked with amission byafather helong thought dead. Now, hemust rise tostop the usurpation ofreality bythe Eight Great Guilds that rule his world. Only bylearning from his deaths and grafting newer and greater eldritch gods onto his being can hereach apotheosis and avert certain damnation.

Yet, asheascends toclaim the mantle ofdivinity, aquestion lingers… what kind ofgod will hebecome?

Chapters will usually bearound 2.5 to3k words and updates daily atthe present.

Declaimer: Expect detailed descriptions ofviolence, cannibalism, and cursing.

Expect: Violence, monster mc, magitech, cyberpunk, implants, atrocities, oppression, non-human protagonist, reality-warping powers, and combined arms warfare.

Donot expect: Smut, romance, overt sentimentality.

Ifyou develop asudden outbreak ofrash after reading Godclads, it’s not the story. But gosee adoctor. Just incase.

[Currently increasing releases for the Royal Road Writathon challenge]

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