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Gaming Sword Magician
Gaming Sword Magician

Gaming Sword Magician

252 Chapters 5.4K Views 25 Bookmarked Completed Status


The sky isthe chessboard, stars are its pieces, the kings duke itout inthe afterlife while ayoung mortal metamorphoses into aDeva!

The human race isatwar with the vicious Abbadon shaman and savages but anera ofpeace ensured after agrand battle.

Inafantasy world, where the awakening ofClass weapons isdone through amagical ceremony, asnowy-haired boy with the bloodline ofthe divine battle king isabandoned onthe outskirts ofthe Water Kingdom.

Whittaker isachild ofmysterious origin, who awakened asystem along with two class weapons during the awakening ceremony.

Hecompleted quest after quest and became more powerful, until one day, amysterious spirit slumbering inside the pendent ofthe night–a treasure ofhis unknown parents–awakened.

Ever since that day, hewas given missions tofind out secrets untold.

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