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Fox Girl In An Apocalyptic World
Fox Girl In An Apocalyptic World

Fox Girl In An Apocalyptic World

55 Chapters 5.8K Views 38 Bookmarked Ongoing Status


Lieutenant Reia a fox girl and a squad leader, comes back from a highly dangerous mission that involved the retrieval of a highly confidential file.

Reia looked into the files themselves while on the mission and discovers a blueprint of a generator for a new source of energy that could potentially wipe out the entire world. Upon returning to her quarters she tries to figure out what the military plans to do and how much time they have before they need to leave.

However, the military already made their move and sent someone to assassinate Reia and her squad. Reia knowing exactly what they were here for decides to push forward the plan to run away from the military. Killing the general that came to kill them sets off the military to hunt Reia and her squad forcing them to leave.

Reia and her squad then attempt to escape but while they are escaping, the middle of the military base began to erupt. Massive cracks formed across the entire military city, and then these cracks began spewing green lava.

This green lava had an effect causing everyone that was touched by the lava to turn into a mutant. Half humans became a much bigger version of their animals and humans became an elongated version of themselves. Their bodies would turn into a black oily slime substance and lose all logical thought.

Reia and her squad manage to make it to the outer city without being infected but were separated in the process.

Now being separated each of the members must survive on their own and find a way to regroup.

Reia knew how strong her squad members were and believed they could survive, but now it was her mission to find her members again and find a safe place to survive the apocalypse.


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