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First Contact
First Contact

First Contact

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Eight Thousand Years after the Glassing ofEarth, Terran Descent Humanity has largely become apost-scarcity society based onconsent and enjoying life. With the discovery ofanother ancient race beyond the «Great Gulf», events and history collide todraw the Terran Confederacy into war against anhundred million year old empire that has always won and believes italways will.

With allies and enemies ofmultiple species, the Orion Galactic Arm Spur will bewracked bywarfare the likes ofwhich have not been seen. Cracked, harried, wounded, and damaged, Terran Descent Humanity willfully throws itself against the universe itself.

«The universe hates you and will take away everything you love, laughing while itdoes so.»— Terran belief.


Author Note: Told largely from the viewpoint ofother species, the story iscurrently ongoing. Itinvolves graphic depictions ofviolence, war, adult language and situations, drug use, and other mature topics.

The story will beupdated onweekdays, sokeep aneye onthis page for more chapters.

The story is400+ chapters, and repeating characters donot start appearing until the Vuxten chapters. Ifyou’re inahurry for repeating characters then this story will not beenjoyable toyou. The interwoven plot isnot based onasingle person but the entire war, with its effects upon multiple people.

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