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Finest Servant
Finest Servant

Finest Servant

261 Chapters 1.3K Views 17 Bookmarked Completed Status


If Xiang Yu emerged victorious in the Chu-Han contention war, how would history unfold?

Through entrepreneurship, social club management, and the exploits of a lowly household servant, this story explores how one can excel in the worlds of commerce, politics, war, and love. This servant is no ordinary person, and even a lowly carp can leap through the Dragon’s Gate.

The tale of “Finest Servant” takes place in an alternate timeline following Xiang Yu’s triumph. After years of his reign, China established a dynasty known as the Grand Dynasty of Da Hua…

A modern-day sales manager is transported to the era of the Grand Dynasty of Da Hua due to an unexpected incident, becoming a prestigious servant in the Xiao family mansion. Separated from his loved ones by time and space, Lin Wanrong decides to forget his sorrows and embark on a glorious journey through a different era.

Accustomed to playing the fool and hiding his true abilities, Lin Wanrong uses his unscrupulous and cunning personality, along with his modern scientific knowledge, to shine in ancient society.

At the height of power and wealth, surrounded by beauty, how will this humble household servant navigate the treacherous waters of politics, business, and love?

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