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Fighting For Eternity
Fighting For Eternity

Fighting For Eternity

265 Chapters 2K Views 28 Bookmarked Completed Status


Life isfull ofdangers inthis world, only the strong have the right toraise their voice. Aworld filled with countless creatures, fighting for asingle thing.

How can aboy who walked out ofthe lowest region fight insuch ahegemon with asealed dantian? Hewho vows tokill the heavens learns about his true enemy, prepares the strongest War legion, and conquers the Universe.

Heholds the system, condenses the god force within the dragon elephant’s body after passing through endless reincarnations. Heisready tofight, heisnow ready toembrace beauties, heisready toblow war horn for his legion.

Let’s read the legend ofXia Long Fei who isdetermined toachieve Eternal Life, not knowing what does itreally means?

His talent surpasses Heaven but heisnot satisfied, hewants togrow until when hewill never have anyone above.

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