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Father of Monstrosity
Father of Monstrosity

Father of Monstrosity

81 Chapters 1.6K Views 17 Bookmarked Ongoing Status


PLEASE DONOT disregard the content warnings. They are there for areason. This isagruesome body-horror story with nomoral absolutism.

The story isavailable ineBook and Paperback formats. Itwill remain available onRoyalRoad until the launch ofthe sequel inFebruary, atwhich point itwill probably bestubbed for KU.


Jakob was only seven when hewas summoned toHelmsgarten’s sewers bythe Fleshcrafter calling himself Grandfather. For seven painful years, Jakob studied the depraved craft ofhis monstruous mentor, before being let loose onthe populace ofthe metropolis.

With the vague task ofcreating the ultimate being torival the greatest creation ofGrandfather, heisleft with nothing but the flesh-stitched robes onhis body and the loyal wight Heskel. Together, the pair explore acivilisation that isutterly alien tothem, asthey were both raised inthe dark and damp ofthe city’s underbelly.

Along his journey, Jakob constructs many monsters and constructs, while dodging the noose ofthe guards and the Kingdom’s justice. Hecavorts with demons and their spawn, joins the Adventurers’ Guild inhis voracious hunt for knowledge, fights nightmares ofhis own creation, and parleys with Demon Lords and Great Ones.

Many who believe him aweak child suffer eternally for their arrogance. Even the Kingdom, with its inexhaustible wealth and power, rues the day itchose tocross the Fleshcrafter Boy and interfere with his great undertaking.

And inthe end, even Grandfather must face the realisation that his creation isgreater than hecould ever have imagined.


Ihave plans tocontinue with asecond book, somake sure tofollow myprofile ifyou enjoy the story.

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