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Empress' Evolution
Empress' Evolution

Empress' Evolution

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The bright red light ofthe flames swallowed her vision but soon that red light transformed into ablue hue and she was dragged into that light.

‘What’s happening?’

Itwas too bright and she was forced toclose her eyes, she was blinded— even though she was already dead.

After being pulled into the light she began tofeel annoyed asher skin was irritated bysome kind ofrough sand.

Bythe time she opened her eyes. She could see the full view ofthesky. Itwas blue and there were clouds scattered about.

‘Ugh, isthis Hell?’

She stated asshe rubbed her head with her fluffy and furry ‘hand’.


She looked ather ‘hands’ and her mouth opened wide. Her hands had become soft and fluffy paws ofawhite-furred beast with purple spots.

‘What the hell?’

She touched her face with her paws and confirmed that ittoo did not belong toahuman. Below, she felt something was moving, she can tell asifitwas another limb connected toher.

‘Don’t tell me!’

Turning her head around, she found aseven-inch tail sticking out behind.

‘Phew!’ She felt relieved that itwasn’t what she thought itwas.

«These soft and paws, this cuddly fluffy hair, this cute tail— ahshit, did Ibecome abeast after mydeath orhave Ibeen dreaming ofbeing human asabeast all this time? Ifitisthe latter that isone long and realistic dream.»

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