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Dying at a young age after a disappointing life. Mat thought he hit the jackpot when he got reincarnated on a tropical island as a baby. Here, his dreams of exploring mysterious lands and learning magic are a concrete possibility.

Everything changes when the outside world comes knocking. The world of Elydes is beautiful and magical, but also wild and savage.

The Guide blesses everyone and is impartial to all, people are not. Mat has the lowest starting point possible and those like him rarely go too far.

Will he let his humble birth define his life or find the determination to realize his dreams of delving into the arcane and explore lost civilizations.

He will have to use all his smarts and make the most of his headstart if he wants to gain the power to explore the mysteries of Elydes.


4 chapters a week Mon-Tue-Thur-Fri (10k words)

What to expect:

- More realistic take at reincarnated in another world.

- Slow and constant growth, with ups and downs. Don’t worry we’ll get to a smart ass-kicking MC if you are patient, but our MC will have to build his strength and determination one step at a time, getting back up after each setback.

- Not a grimdark story, but there will be a dark elements (there are a few sad chapters near the beginning of the story).

- Be ready to explore the mystical world of Elydes

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