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Disaster Strikes
Disaster Strikes

Disaster Strikes

65 Chapters 950 Views 20 Bookmarked Ongoing Status


In the world of “Disaster World,” Chen Mo finds himself reincarnated into a realm devoid of the sun, moon, or stars—a world without vitality.

To survive, inhabitants must become calamity wielders, plundering resources from other worlds to sustain themselves.

This dangerous world is a place where beings learn power systems from different worlds and attempt to create power systems unique to themselves to evolve into higher-level lifeforms through the mysterious Tianhua Quantum Technology.

Taking on the name “Traveller,” Chen Mo traverses from one world to another, plundering resources to grow stronger in this ruthless environment. He witnesses the painful self-immolation of bio-reconstructed people in evil laboratories, the wailing of castle wars in the misty Worm Sea, and the despair sealed by ancient cultivators in ruins and he experiences the gaze of monsters that appear once every thousand years in the cycle of day and night.

As terrifying demon gods invade through torn spacetime rifts, they are torn apart by antimatter weapons.

Civilization, born from the smallest dust, launches a great ecological extinction.

Chen Mo realizes that the vast and magnificent wars in every corner are merely epitaphs on the road to self-destruction for the insects that rose later.

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