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Demon Core
Demon Core

Demon Core

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[I originally wanted tobecome apoet, but Idecided tobecome the terrible Demon-King inorder toend the life ofevery living creature inmysearch for true beauty instead!]

Despair— Lost inits bleak depths, Swain, ayoung poet who isdriven toward horrific power bythe crushing circumstances ofhis life, takes onthe spiritual and physical embodiment ofthe one-hundred year crisis, becoming the destructive, primal entity known only bythe people intheir hushed whispers as‘The Demon-King’.

Obsessed with his new onslaught against the world tofind the only thing worth existing for, the Demon-King casts the nation under his horrific dominion, killing tens ofthousands inhis quest tofinally remove the stain ofugliness from existence and tofind the thing that his heart yearns for now inthis new life more than ever before, athing that simply can’t exist inthe physical world. Itisathing that lies deeper, far down below the physical realm, and toreach it, the tangible barriers oflife, ofcities, ofnations, and ofliving, breathing beings all have togo, sothat hecan finally breach through tothe spirit world that lies beyond the veil tofind it— True, ephemeral beauty.

Even ifmillions ofsouls have todie inhis pursuit.

[Dungeon-Core] - [Demon-King] - [Base Building] - [litRPG] - [Villain] - [Revenge] - [Long Chapters]

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