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Dating the Boss is a Bad Idea
Dating the Boss is a Bad Idea

Dating the Boss is a Bad Idea

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The thing Qian Wei regrets most in her life,

is offending Lu Xun 19 years ago, who was known as the "Law School's Brightest Star".

She helped her brother Qian Chuan steal Lu Xun's girlfriend, snatching away his white moonlight.

Who would have thought one day Lu Xun became her boss, and Qian Wei could only work like an ox and a horse to atone for her sins.

This time, fate gave her a chance to go back to age 19, and relive her youthful days at the law school.

No matter what, Qian Wei was determined to flatter Lu Xun well, and ensure he ends up with his white moonlight.

But...why does it seem she has offended Lu Xun even more thoroughly this time?

Help! She only wanted to help her future boss find love, not fall in love with her future boss herself!

[Mini Scene]

Qian Wei often complained about her boss behind his back: "Does Lu Xun have no personal life? All he does is work overtime, isn't he worried he'll work himself to kidney failure?"

Until one day-

Her boss called her to his office: "Don't work overtime today, come over to my place instead."

Qian Wei: ???

Lu Xun smiled calmly: "A good boss shouldn't leave his employee constantly doubtful. Tonight I'll personally put your concerns about my kidney health to rest."

The law school's prestigious genius male lead VS the savvy and quirky doggedly loyal female lead, law students VS law students. A rom-com experience true to real campus life.

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