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Crimson Instinct
Crimson Instinct

Crimson Instinct

272 Chapters 1.2K Views 12 Bookmarked Completed Status


But the challenge gets even harder as there is a certain difficulty that they both have to overcome.

With Bai Li facing his own inner demons, will their quest for truth spiral out of control? Will he get his honour back?

Who is the enemy hiding in the shadows that Xin Lei and Bai Li would have to fight?

Along this journey to find their answers, will it also spark the flames of love between them?


Amidst the booming crack of ear-piercing gunshots, Xin Lei bumped into the ex-army officer, Major Bai Li, who recently got a dishonorable discharge. He was the only hope for her who could help her in digging the truth behind not only that syndicate chasing after her life but also to find about her father and brother who have mysteriously disappeared.

Together, they set out to search for the truth, but it shapes into something much darker and sinister as they learn about the case Xin Lei’s father was working on — to prove a father innocent of his little daughter’s disappearance, plunging them into one of the dangerous worlds, hidden from everybody.

--- Scene Excerpt ---

My foot was stuck in the pit and I pushed Bai Li away from me who was trying to get me out. There was no time. The sounds of sirens were growing closer and closer. How can I let the police catch him?

But my strength wasn’t enough. I tugged his shirt. I begged him. 'Please go.'

Bai Li grabbed my arms. «Don’t push me away, Xin Lei. Soldiers never leave anyone behind. It’s either we are caught together or we escape together.»

Before I knew it, his lips were on mine.

«Whatever it is, sticking together is the only option I give you.»

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