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Awakening the Daily Intelligence System
Awakening the Daily Intelligence System

Awakening the Daily Intelligence System

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Thirty years old—that was the age people often referred to as the time to stand tall and firm.

At this age, some were splendid and dazzling, intoxicated in a world of wealth, while others were desolate and dim, confined to rope beds and clay stoves.

Lin Mo belonged to the latter. At thirty, he was still a porter, toiling away to earn a living.

His daughter was bullied by a male classmate at school—simply because his family was well-off, the school chose to turn a blind eye. His wife, already pregnant, was secretly working at a supermarket to supplement the household income without his knowledge.

As he lay awake looking at his wife by his side and his daughter sleeping soundly in the little bed, Lin Mo felt so aggrieved he shed tears. Despite working hard every day until his back could no longer straighten, he still couldn’t change the dire state of their lives.

However, it was at this time that the Daily Intelligence System suddenly awoke.

[Daily Intelligence has been updated]

[1. Neighbor Wang Youcai secretly used his retirement funds to tip 10,000 yuan to a beauty in a live stream under the nickname Black Chicken.]

[2. The police will perform a surprise inspection at the Red Romance Foot Bath at 12 o’clock tonight.]

[3. Victory Bird will launch a ground assault against Hass in three days.]

[4. The pet dog from 1402, Unit 1, Building 5 of Earth Garden Community is missing, and its owner Li Xiaoru is offering a 10,000 yuan reward for its return.]

[5. The pet dog belonging to Li Xiaoru that went missing is trapped in a sewage drain on Development Road.]


Initially, Lin Mo just wanted to use this system to make a bit of extra cash to alleviate his stifling life.

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