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Ascension: Online
Ascension: Online

Ascension: Online

162 Chapters 1K Views 25 Bookmarked Completed Status


[When realities overlap, will you beable todistinguish lies from truth?]

This isthe tale ofamultiverse governed bysupercomputers, abrand new world waiting tobechallenged, and aboy simply wishing toescape from reality.

But what happens when worlds collide, and the Creator ofAll seeks tobuild aperfect world, cleansed ofallsin? Emotions, humanity, consciousness— all will belost.

Inorder tofight against aperfect being, you must first become one.

Myname isA.R.X.A, and Iamwatchingyou. Donot fail toentertain me, human.

The game has just begun.

[Welcome toAscension: Online. Welcome, toanew reality.]


Note: Please read atleast ten chapters before deciding whether ornot this novel isworth continuing. Iassure you, this isnot like some ofthe other cliche-littered novels onthe site.

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