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Abuse of Magic
Abuse of Magic

Abuse of Magic

241 Chapters 2.2K Views 27 Bookmarked Completed Status


William woke confused. Why would the system say something like that? Healready intended togive his son the system…

Inaworld filled with corruption and death, asmall boy isabout toacquire agift for this important birthday, that will change the entire world. Hewill have topersevere through many trials that will change the fate ofthe entire realm. Protected from the evils ofthe world, bythe success ofhis father, Joseph has noidea what heisgetting into, but the only way toovercome the trials hewill face, isthrough the abuse ofmagic!

With the aid ofayoung girl, that hemeets shortly after receiving the system, Joseph learns how horrible the world outside ofhis protected bubble actually is, and forms alifelong bond with her, that nothing will ever break. Through the abuse ofmagic, they will have toovercome demons and gods, intheir quest for Joseph tobecome the Mage King!

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