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A Cultivation Tale: The Godly Punisher
A Cultivation Tale: The Godly Punisher

A Cultivation Tale: The Godly Punisher

376 Chapters 3.2K Views 72 Bookmarked Ongoing Status


When Alex was twelve, hewas told that his destiny was toprotect the sea ofworlds that made upthe realmverse and the large numbers ofraces living inthem, asthey felt hewas chosen bythe realmverse because hehad apeerless and unique Body Constitution.

Born with vast and astonishing godly abilities, heisnow inarace against time toreach the apex stage ofcultivation called: 'Guardian ofSea ofLife' or'Master ofRealms', astage where hewould possess the absolute power todefend the realmverse from anenormous, overwhelming armies oftremendously proliferative Alien beings; strange humanoid lifeforms that also practice cultivation and whose sole intent istomaraud realmverses and enslave all inhabitants inthem.

But this cultivation stage isimpossible toattain ashemust comprehend and cultivate the ultimate energy called 'Genesis Realmforce Energy', anenergy that would result from the fusion ofhundreds ofOriginforce energies.

Although the 'Master ofRealms' cultivation stage isanimpossible stage toreach, Alex would try toattain itbyseeking for the lost 'LIBRARY SYSTEM' which would infuse his memory with the complete comprehension ofthe mysteries ofOriginforce energies, and the hidden 'GENE SYSTEM' that would inject his powerful divinely blood with the primordial genes ofextinct, monolithic ancient races whenever heaccomplishes insanely difficult tasks set bythe godly, primeval creators ofthe systems.

Also, hewould seek for the 'ANCESTRAL BEAST SYSTEM' that would produce mutated orevolved copies ofextinct primordial beasts that once existed countless eons ofyearsago. Then hewould try toaugment his damaging power tounparalleled degrees byseeking for Marvel-Weapons; Treasure-weapons oftremendous, apocalyptic-level devastating power which belonged todead, ancient divine experts that birthed the four forms ofcultivation.

But would hebeable todiscover the Library System and the Gene System togain new powerful abilities? The Ancestral Beast System tosummon cloned versions ofinexistent, planet-sized, havoc-wreaking abyssal creatures toaid him inthe far-future deadly battles? And ultimately, Marvel-Weapons tovastly increase his overall destructive power?

Would heable toachieve all these before the next, full invasion ofhis Realmverse? Orwould hegrow tobecome very powerful that hewould then invade other Realmverses and become their hegemon?

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