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12 Miles Below
12 Miles Below

12 Miles Below

226 Chapters 2.5K Views 32 Bookmarked Ongoing Status


The world isinruins.

Extreme sub-zero temperatures suffocate the surface, making even simple survival anordeal. Frozen derelicts ofbygone eras span across massive ice wastes. And the elite few hoard any technology rediscovered within.

The only escape from the deadly climate isbeneath the surface. But it’s another disaster underground. Monstrous machines lurk inthe depths. Unhinged demigods war against them, dying over and over, treating itall like agame. The land itself shifts over time, more contraption than rock. And anominous prophecy states that the key toeverything waits atthe last level— but nobody’s ever reached that far.

When anexpedition into the far uncharted north goes terribly wrong, Keith Winterscar and his father get trapped together inadesperate fight for survival. Stumbling upon anancient power struggle oftitanic scale; the two will need toset their differences aside while they struggle against Gods, legends, and the grand secrets ofthe realm that lies below.

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